Lake Fred Tritton Lake Fred Tritton

  • Maximum depth is 8m averaging 4.5m deep
  • Capacity is approximately 314 mega litres of water
  • Construction of Lake Fred Tritton began November 2002, completed in February 2003 – Using local contractors
  • Named after the late Fred Tritton, former Mayor and local grazier
  • Official opening May 2004

The site where Lake Fred Tritton was constructed was originally a mass of gullies and one of the less attractive parts of the town.

In 2004 Lake Fred Tritton won the State and National Heart Foundation Awards for offering a better quality of life for people living in rural communities. The lake has provided Richmond locals and visitors the opportunity to participate in water sports such as fishing, skiing, canoeing and jet skiing - not normally found in small remote inland communities.

The lake boasts sandy beaches, shaded playground facilities, water park, paved walking track, free BBQ facilities and clean amenities.

The initial water used to fill the lake was pumped out of the Flinders River whilst it was in flood. Today it is kept topped up via a spear point to the river, as required.

The lake is stocked with over 18 species of fish by the Richmond Fish Stocking Association and monitored by the Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries. Species include red claw yabbies, barramundi, sooty grunter, sleepy cod, archer fish, forktail catfish and golf grunter.

Funding of the lake was sponsored by the Richmond Shire Council in partnership with the Queensland Government Major Recreational Facilities Funding program.